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‘Tis the Season

Just as we have started to recover from our tryptophan hangovers, we now have to start prepping for the hustle and bustle of Christmas. But as they say, there is no rest for the weary!

I am not sure what the holidays are like for the rest of you, but if they are anything like mine, you spend the next few weeks mapping out your trips to the various holiday shindigs you need to attend. You have also spent the last few weeks scouting out the best holiday deals out there on the interwebs. So if you are picking up what I am putting down, you are spending a lot of time on planning and strategy.

In my last blog I talked about using this current lull in the action to do some self-evaluating. But what do you need to do once you have those results back? Well, it is now time to plan and strategize. You still have the downtime to take advantage of, so now that you know what is wrong, how do you go about correcting it. You might not even have anything wrong, but maybe you found some areas where you can be more efficient. Now is the time to get that plan in place.

Getting a plan in place sets the framework for you and your credit union. You are able to map out where you are going, that way everyone can see the end goal and the best way to get there. Because we all want to go to Grandma’s house so we can enjoy her pecan pie and Uncle Joes “spiced” egg nog. It also eases the stress for all those involved, and prevents things from turning into a Black Friday brawl over discount towels.

A lot of times the excuse is that “well a lot of things can change between now and then”, and this is true. But by not having some sort of structure in place, you end up like Arnold Schwarzenegger in that Jingle All the Way movie, and find yourself fighting Sinbad in the middle of a Christmas parade just so you can meet a deadline. Let’s be honest, nobody wants that. Bumps in the road happen along the way, but by having a map in place you at least know where to go once you are back on the road.

So don’t take for granted the time that you have this holiday season. It is a time to reflect on the joys that we have experienced, and reflect on the good times to come!

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