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Does Your NCUA Sign Take Up Too Much Space?

Often times I see credit unions use the NCUA official sign on an advertisement piece, which is perfectly fine to do! However, one important thing to keep in mind is that the NCUA official sign must be clearly legible.  This includes the small type within the box. Most advertisements I see that use the official sign try to squeeze the sign into a small space, resulting in a very small sign; which makes the text inside the box tiny and almost impossible to read.

I’ve also seen advertisements where credit unions alter the NCUA sign in hopes of making it fit better in the ad. This includes removing important text from the sign.  (Gasp!)  On their website, the NCUA has provided downloadable versions of the official sign for credit unions to use. Click here to download.

On a side note, the NCUA does allow credit unions to alter the font size of the official sign to ensure its legibility. The only problem with increasing the font size within the sign is that the sign itself will also have to be enlarged; taking up even more valuable space within your advertisement.

So, is there an easier way? Why yes there is!

Instead of using the official sign, simply use one of the two NCUA official advertising statements and leave the official sign off of advertisements (except for website pages where deposits are accepted or accounts can be opened). Problem solved. Using “Federally insured by NCUA” versus the official sign will provide several more inches of prime advertising real estate for your marketing team – ensuring a win for Marketing and a win for Compliance.

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