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Hop on the Marketing Fun Bus!

Ok, I admit it.  I’m sort of averse to marketing. As a compliance professional, I, like many of my compliance colleagues, get nervous when I see the email with an attachment for review from the Marketing department. Oh, we get along fine with those Marketing folks, but those ads! We generally keep our opinions to ourselves, often mumbling things like, “What are they thinking?”, “Who came up with this idea?” and of course the old standby, “They want to do WHAT?”

But, I’m here to challenge you to jump on that marketing bus! Embrace those ads! After all, without those ads, we don’t get business, and if we don’t get business….well, you know what that means.

So, get in on the fun. Show those marketing folks that Compliance folks can be fun too!  When you do that, Marketing truly will see you as part of the team and will be more likely to include you on those early conversations that start with, “Hey guys, I’ve got this idea…”

But, remember, joining in on the fun, doesn’t mean you have to forget all your compliance knowledge. You will still have the opportunity to weigh in when it is time to do so. You still have your obligation to protect your credit union from regulatory disaster, or at the least, an uncomfortable exam. However, by joining in the fun, those not-so-fun messages you have to deliver such as “You can’t say everyone is approved if that is a “slight” exaggeration”, will be accepted more readily. Having that good relationship increases the chances that those difficult messages are better accepted. Sometimes, being in compliance is as much about creating and nurturing relationships as it is about rules and regulations.

So, let your fun flag fly, compliance folks! Get in on the party! Not only will you enjoy the ride, you will also be in a better position to do the job you were hired to do, which is ensuring your credit union remains compliant with the myriad of rules and regulations that are out there.

Happy Marketing

If you would like more information about how marketing and compliance can work together, click here to check out my white paper on this topic.

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