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Marketing Your #CreditUnion’s #Cooperative Relationships

Credit unions are cooperative by nature but, remember, when advertising a non-credit union product or service, you must properly disclose the relationship.

Collecting resources for members who are interested in home ownership is very proactive and can bring in members who would like to acquire a home loan. The resources that are collected, such as information regarding programs offered for veterans, HUD programs for first time home owners, or community development products are resources the credit union do not directly offer (often these programs offer down payment assistance, matching funds, etc.), but may partner with another organization to help members qualify for a home loan. Therefore when you are advertising these programs or services, it is important to clearly indicate the credit union has either partnered with the organization or program, or that the credit union has assembled resources for membership use, not that the credit union directly offers the products or services.

Credit unions often form cooperative relationships with car dealers, insurance agencies, or investment companies. If these companies are not affiliated with the credit union, the marketing materials should clearly state the non-affiliation or partnership. Additionally, the marketing materials should provide the required disclosures applicable to that particular product, such as investments products disclosing that it is not NCUA insured, may lose value, no financial institution guarantee, etc.

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