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New Mortgage Implementation Service – ComplyRight Mortgage

In January you were shocked at the sheer volume of mortgage rules.  From February through May you attended trainings, read summaries, or read the actual rules and began to understand them.  Now that you understand them, you know how difficult and time-consuming implementation of the new rules will be; and, now that summer is in full swing,  January 2014 doesn’t seem so far away. 

With this common narrative in mind we’ve created ComplyRight Mortgage.  ComplyRight Mortgage is a bundle of services that could help many credit unions implement the mortgage rules more effectively and efficiently.  With detailed training sessions, access to template policies and other valuable tools, roundtables with other credit unions around the country, and hands-on mortgage implementation consulting services, ComplyRight Mortgage could help your credit union save time and money in the implementation process while avoiding potential compliance violations in 2014.

And don’t forget, the TILA/RESPA Rules are still coming!

For more information about ComplyRight Mortgage click here.

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