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Free Grant Webinar for Low Income Designated Credit Unions

If you remember last summer, NCUA’s Office of Consumer Protection notified over 1000 federal credit unions across the country of their eligibility for low income designation.  NCUA’s initiative was in part due to President Obama’s relief and recovery package to help drought stricken states across the country.   Many of you accepted the designation; however, do you truly understand the grant opportunities available as a low income designated credit union? 

To help you better understand, NCUA will be hosting a free Webinar on Wednesday, May 22nd at 2 pm (EST). This webinar will provide detailed information about the various grant programs NCUA has available to low-income designated credit unions. Specifically, the webinar will help participants:

• Understand the application process and the qualifications necessary for grant funding;
• Determine which grant initiatives best meet the needs of low-income credit unions;
• Learn how these grant initiatives can assist with certain operating expenses; and
• Understand how to use these funds to expand member services and grow the credit union.

If you recently received your low income designation then there is no time like now to learn about the grant initiatives available and how to apply.

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