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C is for CUCE

At PolicyWorks we have a passion for compliance, and we strive to provide credit unions with effective guidance for managing their compliance programs.  We are constantly studying regulations; both new and old.  We dissect them, interpret them, and advise credit unions as to how to implement their requirements.

To further enhance our credibility- and to put ourselves in the same position as the credit unions we assist- our staff attends CUNA’s Regulatory Compliance School, and tests for the Credit Union Compliance Expert (CUCE) certification.

CUNA’s Regulatory Compliance School is an excellent program.  The event is well organized, there are ample opportunities to network with other compliance professionals, the speakers (including PolicyWorks’ own Andrea Stritzke and Kyle Woodmansee) are excellent, and the information is easily understood and retained.  The RegTrac book, included with the course, is a great resource for compliance personnel to use once they return to the credit union.  And because this week’s school is in New Orleans, LA, there are plenty of opportunities to take in Bourbon Street, or enjoy some amazing Cajun food in the evening.

I would highly recommend CUNA’s Regulatory Compliance School to credit union compliance professionals.  Whether you’re new to compliance, or have been working in compliance since the regulations were carved into stone tablets, you’ll learn something new, and solidify the knowledge you already had.

For more information, check out the Schools and Conferences page of CUNA’s recently updated website.

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