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AIRES Questionnaires, they’re not just for Examiners anymore!

Recently I attended a credit union conference where the participants included a wide range of credit union officials and asset sizes.  As we all listened intently to one of the guest speakers, I noticed several individuals reaching for their pencils and pens and jotting down this recommendation (or at least something close to it), “Utilize the NCUA AIRES questionnaires, they are a great resource and you can find them on NCUA’s website.”  

After years of being an Examiner, I was taken aback by the fact that this was not commonly known.  Where did I go wrong…did I not educate the credit unions on the subject?   Well here is my opportunity to make things right.   The AIRES questionnaires are an awesome and intuitive tool.  They can save you from a lot of headaches, Examiner Findings, and maybe even a Document of Resolution item from your next examination.  So the next time you are looking at a new product or service or just reviewing your existing ones, take the time and go through the appropriate AIRES questionnaire.  They are not just for the Examiners anymore.

Here is a direct link…to a great resource that does not cost you a dime (well at least not directly).

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